In 1993, Soraida Salwala opened the World’s First Asian Elephant Hospital. Located in the MaeYao National Reserve of Lampang, Thailand, Friends of Asian Elephant (FAE) is a 200-acre facility that includes elephant infirmaries, an operating area and a nursery for baby elephants. FAE’s Elephant Hospital is a non-government organization funded through donations. They provide free care to the elephants at the hospital and provide room and board for their mahouts (keepers) during the elephant’s stay.

To date, Soraida and her staff have treated nearly 4,000 Asian Elephants for everything from illnesses, knife wounds, gunshot wounds, car accidents, logging accidents and land mines. Since it opened, FAE has treated 15 elephant landmine victims. In 2008, Baby Mosha received the world’s first elephant prosthetic. Motala followed in 2009.
Donate to FAE through FacebookIf you’d like to help Soraida continue her mission to treat and protect Asian Elephants, including Motala and Mosha, click here and it will take you to FAE’s website, where you can click “How to Donate”. FAE will issue you a receipt for your donation.

To plan a visit to FAE, check out the Map and Directions on their website.