Founder, Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) Elephant Hospital
SoraidaWhen she was 8-years old, Soraida Salwala saw an injured elephant lying on the side of the road because a truck hit it. As her family drove past, they heard a gunshot. Soraida asked her father what happened and he said “Uncle Elephant is in heaven now”. She asked, “If the elephant was hurt, why couldn’t he go the hospital?” Not getting an answer she liked, in 1993 Soraida opened the world’s first Asian Elephant Hospital, operated by the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE). To date, she and her staff have treated nearly 4,000 elephants for everything from eye infections and difficult pregnancies to knife wounds, gunshot wounds, broken bones, car accidents and landmine accidents.

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Dr. Therdchai Jivacite of the Prostheses Foundation presents Mosha’s 7th prosthesis to Soraida Salwala. (Photo credit: Soraida Salwala).

Prostheses Foundation staff take a sand cast of Motala’s leg for a new prosthetic.

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